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Management Services

Hampton Roads Property Management Services

Unless you are brand new to the experience of being a landlord, you’re likely familiar with the myriad hassles and problems that can crop up – perhaps on an unfortunately frequent basis.  The constant search for more tenants to fill vacancies, potential loss of income if your marketing campaign doesn’t perform as expected, upkeep, maintenance and more is a tough job.

That’s why outsourced property management services may make sense for you.  A reputable property management firm can not only relieve you of the burdens of management and administration but actually help you earn a greater income from your property as well through superior practices and techniques.  Here are some concrete advantages Tidewater Homes brings to the table in terms of property management:


  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
    Bookkeeping is consistently rated as most business owner’s least favorite task.  We’ll take care of everything needed to keep your property running smoothly – collecting rent, paying vendors, even preparing your end-of-year tax statements.
  • Private Portal 
  • Owners are given a private portal with access to any maintenance orders, owner’s statements and contributions, and the ability to update personal info.
  • Year End 1099
  • Direct Deposit for owner’s rent at no extra charge
  • Accounting and Management Services
  • A Monthly Detailed Statement

Collecting Rents

  • Rent Collection
    We manage rent collection electronically through a proprietary web-based system. Property owners have dashboard access and can monitor the state of their accounts online.
  • Varied Payment Options
    Tenants can pay by credit or debit card, check, money order, or cashier’s check. Tenants also may pay directly on our website or by “Pay Near Me” as well.

Tenant Management

  • Filling Vacancies/Marketing
    Say goodbye to all the hassle associated with prospecting, identifying, and qualifying potential new tenants for your property.  We take care of the entire process.
  • Tenant Screening
    We also handle tenant screening, including background and credit checks, to minimize your risk as much as possible and deliver you the highest caliber of potential renters.
  • Regular Inspections
    Being vigilant for damage or deterioration is an important aspect of proactive property management; consequently Tidewater Homes regularly performs them and documents results for your perusal.
  • Administration & Contract Aid
    Dealing with the appropriate paperwork each time a tenant moves in or out, the various legal issues which invariably arise, corresponding with the municipality, and complying with federal, state, and local laws is a time consuming process we can handle for you directly.
  • We Verify Applicants’ Income; Ensured no Judgments or Evictions
    There is no charge to owners for this service. We feel if a tenant isn’t going to pay their last landlord, they won’t pay us!
  • Tenants Who Understand
    After a tenant is awarded a lease, we thoroughly go over the lease line by line. We also have a video to explain what they will be responsible for, how to save money by maintaining the house, and how to avoid additional fees.
  • Maintenance and Repair Work
    All of the maintenance and repair personnel we work with are licensed, certified professionals; we even offer a 24-hour emergency program for our clients, so you can rest assured any eventuality will be dealt with in real-time by a competent manager.


  • Evictions
    While no one ever plans on needing to use the eviction process, as a landlord, situations may arise in which there is no choice.  Our expert team handles the process for you, making it as quick and painless as is humanly possible.
  • We Process 5 Day Pay or Quit
  • Your Property is Represented by Us
    We will file for a court date and represent your property to get nonpaying tenants out and get you paid. Our team will meet the sheriff when the time comes for a controlled lock out. We take care of transferring the tenant’s deposit to pay for any damages and going after tenants for any back rents.
  • Properties We Manage have a Proprietary Lock System

Tidewater Homes is a team of professionals who are here to take the hassle out of managing your best retirement vehicle — your rental property.

Contact us at Tidewater Homes for a free consultation on how we can help ease the burden associated with owning and managing a rental property and improve your bottom line at the same time.